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The El Dorado Union High School District serves 6,847 students who enter high school from 12 feeder elementary districts.  Students are supported by approximately 300 certificated and 230 classified staff.

CALPADS Enrollment

          GRADE                       9 10 11 12 ISP/SDC

          EL DORADO HS

TOT  1,143 (17.19%)
288 277 300 228 29/21

         OAK RIDGE HS

TOT  2,429 (36.53%)

623 601 566 597 31/11


TOT  1,794 (26.98%)

478 424 409 398 43/42

         UNION MINE HS

TOT  1,053 (15.84%)

253 274 236 262 9/19

          VISTA HS

TOT  46 (0.69%)
0 0 21 25 0/0

TOT  85 (1.28%)
0 2 27 56 0/0


TOT  80 (1.20%)
12 20 25 23 0/0


TOT  19 (0.29%)
5 1 5 8 0/0


6,649 (100.00%)
1,659 1,599 1,589 1,597 112/93


TOT  (100.00%)
24.95% 24.05% 23.90% 24.02% 1.68%/1.40%



Enrollment Diversity



Hispanic/Latino 14.52%
Asian 4.36%
Native American / AK Native 0.92%
African American 1.08%
Filipino 1.16%
Pacific Islander 0.26%
None Reported 0.18%

Based on 2016/17 State data.

School Programs & StandardsGo To Top of Page

School programs have a strong academic focus throughout a rigorous 4-year curriculum that includes emphasizing career paths for all students, opportunity programs for high-risk students, alternative education options for students with special needs, extensive Advanced Placement course offerings, and strong extra- and co-curricular programs.

The District has developed staffing standards for its comprehensive high schools, including a student-teacher ratio of 31.57:1 (varies by site), a student-counselor ratio of 402:1, and a student-assistant principal ratio of 553:1. Schools are provided with Health Services, including a Health Technician at each comprehensive site and a District school nurse, as well as a Library Media Center staffed by credentialed personnel.

Safe school environments are the standard, and a culture of friendliness exists between staff and students.

Staff SupportGo To Top of Page

Recognizing the importance of staff development to quality education, the District strongly supports professional growth activities, including staff development days, school site-based training programs, attendance at conferences and seminars, and a Peer Assistance Review Program. The District has also committed both staff and financial resources to support technology in the classroom and throughout the District.
Because of the positive educational environment, the District has a stable staff with low turnover; most teachers leave the District due to retirement.

Collaboration & CommunicationGo To Top of Page

The District provides a collaborative working environment involving staffing, budgeting, program development, articulation with feeder elementary districts, and encourages productive and respected relations with its employees, Board of Trustees, students, the community, County Office of Education, and community colleges.

The District is highly communicative and interactive and fosters independent leadership and creative problem-solving.

El Dorado Union High School District has a strong growing student enrollment and is financially stable, enjoying a high level of community and parent confidence!

Mission StatementGo To Top of Page

The El Dorado Union High School District is committed to educating all students in a safe, supportive environment that will challenge students to pursue appropriate, rigorous paths for academic and career development and achievement that lead to lifelong learning and a productive adulthood.