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Student Success Staff:

Pam Bartlett (530) 622-5081, ext. 7253
Senior Director, Student Success

Judy Prescott (530) 622-5081, ext. 7253
Administrative Assistant (Non-Conf)
Kari Buhman (530) 622-5081, ext. 7240
Secretary III
Zoe Samborski (530) 622-5081 ext. 7217
Program Specialist
Credentialed School Nurses:
Kelly James (530) 677-2281, ext. 7140
Janie Grantham-Carlson (530) 622-3634, ext. 7137
Amber Uber (916) 933-6980, ext. 7114
Health Technicians

Health Technicians

Catherine Huffman (530) 677-2281, ext. 2214
Mari Morris (530) 622-3634, ext. 1017
Allison Carr (530) 621-4003, ext. 4118
Deanna Yates (530) 622-3634 ext, 3030

When COVID-19 Comes to School

Our greatest priority is the health and safety of our students and staff.  During this COVID pandemic we have taken innumerable measures to protect, to the greatest degree possible, the health and safety of our students, staff, and community. 
  • Students/Staff are told to stay home if they have symptoms as per Screening Questionnaire or have tested positive. 
  • If symptoms first appear while students/staff are at school, they report to the health office or supervisor. Ensure the student/staff are still masked and have them wash hands.  Students/staff are screened using the Screening Questionnaire. 
  • Students/Staff are sent home immediately if the screener indicates they are a risk for COVID-19.  
  • Students/parents are notified by the school nurse as to next steps for their health care and when they may return to school. 
  • Staff are notified by Human Resources as to next steps for their health care and when they may return to school.
  • The school determines where in the building and/or the District that the student/staff member being sent home has been within the last 48 hours. The District works with the El Dorado County Public Health on contact tracing to determine what staff or students have been exposed and need to be contacted individually.  (Close contact is: students or staff who have been less than 6 feet away and for more than 15 minutes to the person who is being tested OR is positive for COVID-19.)
  • Persons identified to be contacted are individually notified that they have been exposed to someone who has tested positive.
  • Individuals notified are provided guidance on next steps they can take for their own health care and when they may return to school.
  • Parents/Guardians and staff of the impacted school are notified as appropriate.