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Transportation Staff

Director of Transportation
(530) 622-5081 ext. 7242
Transportation Coordinator
(530) 622-5081 ext. 7247
Transportation Specialist / Dispatcher
(530) 622-5081 ext. 7245
Transportation Secretary III
(530) 622-5081 ext. 7250


Transportation Department

Welcome to the El Dorado Union High School District
Transportation Department!
Office Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Welcome to the El Dorado Union High School District
Transportation Department!
Office Hours
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

El Dorado Union High School District covers an area approximately 1,250 square miles in El Dorado County and serves four comprehensive high schools, one charter school, one alternative education site, several El Dorado County elementary schools, and additional programs for Sacramento County. Our primary goal is the safest transportation for our students on home-to-school routes and field trips.

  • We provide home to school routes for our High School sites and special needs transportation as identified through the IEP process.
  • We also provide transportation services to support Latrobe, Pioneer, and Placerville Elementary School Districts.
  • We've updated our fleet to replace our oldest school buses with the safest clean air heavy-duty diesel buses available. We will be adding more clean air school buses in the future as funding becomes available.
  • Our support facilities are staffed with journeyman level, highly trained mechanics.
  • Our School Bus Drivers are all State Certified and tested regularly by the California Highway Patrol.
  • Our fleet is regularly inspected by the California Highway Patrol and other regulatory agencies.
The Transportation Department is a strong supporter of the educational process and are willing to assist in meeting students' educational needs.
COVID 19 Guidelines 
Transportation EDUHSD will provide all federally mandated transportation. Transportation will be provided based on the following conditions and protocols:
  • Transportation is optional. Parents/guardians or students with driver’s licenses may transport themselves to school. Bus fees will be prorated for students using transportation.
  • Because of the close proximity of seating, students will be required to wear face coverings. The bus windows will be partially lowered to create high levels of air circulation, weather permitted.
  • Family members will be asked to sit together. Students will fill the seats from the rear of the bus to the front in order to limit contact while boarding.
  • Bus drivers are required to wear face coverings when passengers are present and strongly recommended to wear face coverings when passengers are not present.
  • Since physical distancing cannot easily be maintained on a school bus, students and drivers will wear CDC approved face covering on the bus.
  • Students will socially distance while waiting for the bus, and also while they enter and exit the bus.
  • Buses will be cleaned and disinfected after each bus route is completed.
  • Students will offload the bus from the front to the back.
  • Students will face forward, sit in the same seat area each day, and wear face coverings.
  • EDUHSD will not provide transportation for those students living within three (3) miles from the school the student(s) attend.