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Strategic Communications Plan

The El Dorado Union High School District Strategic Communications Plan was developed in response to Goal 3 of the Districts Local Control Accountability Plan, which dictates that the District will “Promote and support an environment throughout the District where staff members effectively communicate with each other and all stakeholders.”
The goal of the Strategic Communications Plan is to increase the visibility of our District, by demonstrating our leadership, positioning our priorities and increasing our awareness as an institution in the community by being an exemplary employer and champion for local students. The objective of all communications is to bring us closer to achieving our organizational mission and goals.
The Strategic Communications Plan, 2017/18, has been shared with stakeholder groups throughout the District and school sites. Feedback from those groups has been considered and incorporated within the Communications Plan as needed.
The 2017/18 El Dorado Union High School District’s (EDUHSD) Strategic Communications Plan was approved by the EDUHSD Board of Trustees on March 28, 2017.

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