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Raise money for your school while you shop!  It’s FREE to join!

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  • Scrip is a fundraising program where a percentage of a purchase at a participating merchant supports designated school programs. Parents, family and friends sign up to earn scrip credits from merchants they normally shop with.
  • Scrip is an “Earn as you Shop” program that everyone can participate in!

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To participate in the Scrip Program, individuals can fill in the Scrip Program Account Set-up Form / Scrip Program Account Set-up Form Spanish and have it on file at the El Dorado Union High School District Office. The information on this form is used to post the earned scrip credits to the designated program. Undesignated scrip credits are posted to the District’s general athletic program.

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SCRIP Online

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There are two scrip programs:
  • eScrip: Benefits Mobile
  • Fork Lift/Nugget Markets Scrip Program
    Each program is managed separately. Supporters can participate in one program or both. Family, friends and community supporters can also sign up.
    Please Note: Many merchants also support parent booster programs. These programs are a part of the District Scrip Program. Parent booster programs raise money for a specific sport, club or program. For example: Sober Grad Night, Music Boosters, Athletic Boosters, etc.

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    eScrip is a scrip  company that manages fundraising programs for numerous merchants including hundreds of online merchants. For a complete list of participating eScrip merchants visit the eScrip website at
    Benefits Mobile: Use your smart phone to earn scrip credits by logging in to the eScrip website and clicking on the “A new way to Fundraise” icon. The app allows you to buy and redeem electronic gift cards instantly which will earn scrip credits for a chosen program. Merchants like Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, Kmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Red Robin, Safeway, Starbucks, Regal Cinemas, and many more participate.
    How does it work? The cashier will ring up your items, while waiting for a total, login to your Benefits Mobile App. Once the cashier gives you a transaction total, you purchase an electronic gift card for the amount needed, show the cashier the gift card code. The cashier will enter the code and you have instantly redeemed the electronic gift card to pay for your purchases. You can link the app to a credit card or a checking account for increased earnings.
    Caution: There are a few merchants in the area that do not have the electronic capabilities to accept the bar code via your smart phone. In this case, you would be required to print out a copy of the electronic gift card prior to using it. Safeway and Home Depot fall into this category.

    ForkLift/Nugget Markets Scrip CardGo To Top of Page

    Nugget Market the parent company of Fork Lift markets offers a scrip program that requires the use of a scrip card. Scrip cards are available at the District Office for those who shop at Fork Lift and Nugget Markets. Cards can be scanned at both markets. Fork Lift and Nugget Markets use an increasing payment scale of 1-4% of total qualifying purchases. The more you spend, the higher the percentage you can earn. Choose the school and program your student attends/participates in as the beneficiary.
    Please Note: If you have been earning scrip through eScrip, Raleys or Nugget Markets for an elementary school or other organization, you will need to edit your scrip accounts so that the scrip you are earning goes to the high school program of your choice. 
    eScrip's website is
    Nugget Market's website is
    For More Information
    Yolanda Medina, District Scrip Coordinator
    El Dorado Union High School District Office
    (530) 622-5081 or (916) 933-5165, ext 7249