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What is Scrip?Go To Top of Page

There is no cost to you to join the Scrip program and it can pay for many of your student’s high school expenses!
  • Scrip was a term coined to mean-”Substitute Money”. Scrip supporters would prepay to participate in the program. Supporters would receive certificates (scrip) that would be redeemed at participating merchants.
  • That system has been replaced. Today’s supporters no longer need to buy “scrip” certificates. Stores either use their own club card programs or offer scrip cards free of charge which supporters scan at the register prior to totaling their purchases. Benefit Mobile uses electronic gift cards which can be redeemed instantly at participating merchants.
  • Parents, family, and friends can earn scrip credits from participating merchants they normally shop with. The scrip credits they earn can benefit their student(s) or the approved programs their student(s) are involved in.
  • Participating merchants track our supporter’s purchases and donate a percentage of these purchases to the District’s schools.
  • The scrip credits are posted to individual student accounts or program accounts. The scrip credits earned in a student’s account can be used towards many programs and expenses at the high schools.
  • Currently, the El Dorado Union High School District offers the Fork Lift/ Nugget Markets Scrip Card and the eScrip Program which offers programs with Save Mart and Lucky's. eScrip also has an eScrip Online Mall program for those persons who frequently shop at internet sites as well as other area merchants who participate in the eScrip program and Benefits Mobile which allows you to earn scrip credits by purchasing and redeeming electronic gift cards via your smart phone.
  • Scrip is now an “Earn as you Shop” program!

Who can sign up for Scrip?Go To Top of Page

  • Any family that has a student attending one of our EDUHSD Schools.
  • Any family that has a student beginning their 7th grade year and will be attending one of the EDUHSD high schools in the future
  • Immediate and Extended family, Friends/Neighbors/Co-Workers who want to help!

Scrip Program Account Set-up FormGo To Top of Page

Every person who would like their scrip purchases tracked by participating merchants must complete the Scrip Program Account Set-up Form and have it on file at the El Dorado Union High School District Office.  The information on this form is used to post the earned scrip credits to the student and/or program of choice.  If this form is not on file at the District Office, the scrip credits are posted to the general athletic work program of one of the District’s comprehensive high schools and used at the discretion of the schools’ Athletic Directors.  The Scrip Program Account Set-up Form can be found on the back page of this information package.


SAMPLE: Scrip Program Account Set-Up Form

alt="SCRIP Form"

***Family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or anyone else you may have asked to participate on behalf of your student should also have one of the Scrip Account Set-up forms on file.

Please be sure you have a Scrip Program Account Set-up Form on file at the El Dorado Union High School District Office for your scrip credits to be posted correctly.

School Site Progam Currently Approved to Participate in the Scrip ProgramGo To Top of Page

 El Dorado HS Oak Ridge HS
Ponderosa HS
Union Mine HS
EDHS Academic Boosters
EDHS Art Program (Crafty Cougars)
EDHS Associated Student Body (ASB)
EDHS Athletic Program
EDHS Cheerleaders
EDHS Drama
EDHS Robotics Team
EDHS Speech Team
EDHS Vocal & Instrumental Music
EDHS Yearbook
ORHS Athletic Program
ORHS Associated Student Body (ASB)
ORHS  Dance Team
ORHS  Drama
ORHS Key Club
ORHS Music
ORHS Robotics Team
ORHS Yearbook
ORHS Youth & Government Club
PHS Athletic Program
PHS Academic Decathlon
PHS Associated Student Body (ASB)
PHS Band
PHS Cheerleaders
PHS Drama
PHS Future Farmers (FFA)
PHS Key Club
PHS Robotics Team
PHS Vocal Program
PHS Yearbook
UMHS Athletic Program
UMHS Associated Student Body (ASB)
UMHS Cheerleaders
UMHS Drama
UMHS Foods & Nutrition
UMHS Home Economics
UMHS Music Program
UMHS Robotics Team  UMHS Yearbook
Independence HS
    Shenadoah HS
IHS Associated Student Body     SHS Associated Student Body
If your club or program is not listed you can choose to donate to the Associated Student Body (ASB). This is a general scrip program that can be used for most clubs and programs. Many of the expenses students can use their scrip accounts for involve the ASB.

What can I use my student's scrip credit for?Go To Top of Page

Expenses that qualify:

Athletic Accounts: Students participating in extracurricular sports programs can use their scrip account to make voluntary donations up to $95.00 per sport to the school’s athletic program.

Associated Student Body Accounts:

  • ASB Stickers
  • Classroom donations
  • Club Donations,
  • Field Trips sponsored by the school.
  • Homecoming & Prom Tickets
  • Non ROP classroom donations
  • Advanced Placement Exams& PSAT test fees
  • SAW:Senior Week Activities sponsored by the School ASB

Yearbook Accounts: The purchase of a basic* yearbook ordered directly from the school.

All other Accounts:  The program advisors determine which approved expenses scrip credits can be used to pay for.

Expenses that do not qualify:


  • Cost of uniforms that will be kept by the students.
  • Spirit Packs, PE Uniforms, or costume rentals.
  • Lift tickets

Associated Student Body:                                    

  • Bus Fees
  • Cafeteria Purchases
  • Cap & Gown
  • Dance Pictures
  • School Pictures
  • Sober Grad Night
  • Special Order yearbooks ordered directly from Jostens or another yearbook company.
  • Student store purchases

For further information, please call or email:

Yolanda Loera, District Scrip Coordinator

El Dorado Union High School District Office

(530) 622-5081 or (916) 933-5165, ext. 7249   Fax # (530) 622-5087

District Approved Merchant Scrip ProgramsGo To Top of Page

There are three scrip programs that the El Dorado Union High School District participates in. They are:

  1. eScrip: Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S. Program & The On-Line Mall
  2. Food4Less/Nugget Markets Scrip Program
  3. Benefits Mobile

You can participate in one of these programs or all if you choose. Remember to ask family and friends to sign up too. The more people you have participating in these programs the higher your family’s earning potential becomes for scrip credits.

Please Note: Many of these merchants also support some of our school’s parent booster programs. These programs are not a part of the District Scrip Program. When you sign up under one of these “booster” programs your student’s account will not be credited. The purpose of these programs is to raise money for their specific sport, club or program. For Example: Sober Grad Night, Music Boosters, Athletic Boosters, etc


eScrip: Save Mart/Lucky's/Benefits Mobile/On-line Mall

eScrip is a scrip company that manages the scrip programs for numerous merchants including hundreds of on-line merchants too. For a complete list of participating eScrip merchants visit the eScrip web site at  Beginning August 1, 2015 Safeway will no longer participate in the eScrip program but has now joined the Benefits Mobile Program.

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO THE eSCRIP Program: Beginning April 1, 2016 The Save Mart family of markets has joined the eScrip family.

Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S Program: New to the eScrip family is Save Mart and their family of markets. Save Mart will offer their Save Mart S.H.A.R.E.S scrip program via the eScrip program. If you do not have an eScrip account go to and set up a new account. Once you have your account set up, click on Merchants, and scroll down to Save Mart. On the right side of column you will find add phone number or cards. You can choose to add your phone number here or your Save Mart Save Smart card number if you are a member of their rewards program. Whichever you add here you will want to use at the cash register when you purchase your items.

eScrip On-Line Mall: The eScrip website also offers a program called the eScrip On-line Mall. This program allows you to earn scrip credits for internet purchases made with participating merchants. Use the eScrip On-line link anytime you are planning an internet purchase and you can add to your scrip earnings. Internet Merchants like Amazon, Eastbay, QVC, Old Navy, Pac Sun, JCPenney, Kohls, Apple Store, Travelocity, Expedia, plus hundreds more.

Benefits Mobile: Also new to the eScrip family is Benefits Mobile. Learn more about using your smart phone to earn scrip credits by logging in to the eScrip website and clicking on the “A new way to Fundraise” icon. This new smart phone app allows you to buy and redeem electronic gift cards instantly which will earn you scrip credits for your student’s scrip account. Merchants like Amazon, Whole Foods, WalMart, Kmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, Red Robin, Safeway, Starbucks, Regal Cinemas, plus many more all participate. How does it work? Cashier will ring up your items, while waiting for a total, log in to your Benefits Mobile App, once cashier gives you a transaction total you purchase and electronic gift card for the amount you need, show the cashier the gift card code. The cashier will enter the code into the POS and you have just instantly redeemed your electronic gift card to pay for your purchases. You can also use the program to pay for online purchases if you would like.  It is very easy to earn. You can link to a credit card or a checking account. Linking to a checking account in most cases doubles your earnings. (No credit card charges to be paid by the merchant) Note of a caution there are a few merchants in the area that do not have the electronic capabilities to accept the bar code via your smart phone. In this case you would be required to print out a copy of the electronic gift card prior to using it. Safeway and Home Depot in our area fall into this category.

Scrip credits earned through eScrip are posted on a quarterly basis according to the information on your Scrip Program Account Set-up Form. The eScrip On-Line mall program donates to the district based on different percentages offered by each of the participating vendors. To view your earnings potential you can visit the eScrip website. eScrip charges a monthly 15% administration fee which is deducted from each individual account. [Example: $15.78 (scrip credits earned) minus $2.37 (15% administration fee) = $13.41 (scrip credits posted to the account].


Fork Lift/Food4Less / Nugget Markets Scrip Card

Nugget Market the parent company of Fork Lift markets offers a scrip program that requires the use of a scrip card. Scrip Cards are available at the District Office for those who shop at Fork Lift and Nugget Markets. Cards can be scanned at both markets. Fork Lift and Nugget Markets use an increasing payment scale of 1-4% of total qualifying purchases. The more you spend the higher the percentage you can earn. When you receive your scrip card you will need to activate the card at Choose the school your student attends as the beneficiary. Do not choose a Parent Booster Program if you want your student’s scrip account to be credited with your earnings. Fork Lift /Nugget Market will provide the district with a monthly contribution report every quarter based on your family’s monthly qualifying purchases. Nugget Markets pays every quarter. Multiple cards can be registered under one family member so that cumulative monthly purchases will earn a greater percentage! ( Food4Less cards can be used at Fork Lift and Nugget Market.)

Please Note: If you have been earning scrip through eScrip or Nugget Markets for an elementary school or other organization, you will need to edit your scrip accounts so that the scrip you are earning is going to the high school of your choice.

eScrip Website is

Nugget Markets Website is

Frequently Asked QuestionsGo To Top of Page

When can I start having my purchases tracked for the purposes of earning scrip credits for my student?

A Scrip Program Account Set-up Form can be completed for students who have reached the 7th grade.  Scrip credits will be held in a single student’s account or family account (if more than one student) until all students listed have completed high school.


When and how do I use my student’s scrip credits?

Athletic Programs: The coaches are given a statement of scrip balances for individual students at the beginning of each new season (Fall, Winter, & Spring), usually a month prior to the first athletic contest. To make a donation you can notify the coach of the sport your student is participating in or the school’s athletic secretary. You may also make a notation on the donation page found in the Athletic Sports Registration Package. Schools using the 8-18 on-line program to enroll students in Athletics can donate by choosing scrip at the end of the registration process. The athletic directors and coaches can, at their discretion, make athletic deductions from student scrip athletic accounts when the family leaves the donation page blank.

Scrip credits which are accumulating in all other program accounts are disbursed at the request of a parent or at the discretion of the Program Advisors. 

  • Parents may request a check be sent to the school by calling or emailing the District Scrip Coordinator. A check will be mailed to the school on behalf of a student’s expenses for an approved scrip program. There is usually a 24-48 hour delay in getting the check to the school. Plan accordingly!
  • The Program Advisors are provided with print-outs of their program and their student’s scrip balances and may make deductions at any time during the school year. These deductions may be made on behalf of an individual student for expenses or for the benefit of their programs as a whole.


How can I find the balance in my student’s scrip account?

You may call the Scrip Coordinator at the El Dorado Union High School District Office at 530 622-5081 or 916-933-5165, ext. 7249 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. You may also contact the Scrip Coordinator via email at


Can I transfer scrip credits to another student or program?

YES, Scrip credits can be transferred between students and/or programs as long as there is a balance.  Simply contact the Scrip Coordinator at (530)622-5081, ext. 7234, who will make the transfers for you.


What happens to the scrip credits upon the graduation of my student?

When a student graduates, the unused scrip credits will be transferred into the account of a sibling, another student, or a school program.  Parents can write in their preference or phone in the information to the Scrip Coordinator.  If no parent request is received by July 1st of the year the student graduates, the unused scrip credits will be transferred into a work program account based on the type of scrip account the student had on file. For Example: A student earning money for an athletic account will donate any unused scrip credits to the schools general athletic account.


PLEASE NOTE:  Families are encouraged to continue their participation in the District Scrip Program after all of their children have graduated from the high school.  Scrip Credits earned as a Community Supporter can benefit either a student or program of your choice. Funds earned for these programs go to assist students in meeting their high school expenses when their families are experiencing economic hardships. The Athletic Directors and Program Advisors appreciate your continued support of their programs through your scrip donation.

El Dorado Union High School District - Scrip Program Participation ChecklistGo To Top of Page

  • ŽThe Scrip Account Set-up Form is completed and turned in to the El Dorado Union High School District Scrip Coordinator.Ž
  • I have followed the steps required by the merchants to participate in their scrip programs:
  • “Food4Less/Nugget Markets:
    1. Request a scrip card
    2. When you receive your Nugget or Food4Less scrip card go to their website and set up your account and activate your card. Nugget
    3. Remember to have the cashier scan the card every time you shop at Nugget Markets or Food4Less Markets.
  • “eScrip: Save Mart, Benefits Mobile & the On-Line Mall:
  1. Register for an eScrip account at,
  2. Register your phone number or Save Mart Save Smart Rewards card. Enter your S.H.A.R.E.S number at the register (phone # or Save Smart #)
  3. Register Credit cards used when dining out and/or credit cards you use when you make internet purchases or book travel via the internet.
  4. Join Benefits Mobile smart phone app.
  5. When internet shopping remember to use the “on-Line Mall” link at eScrip to get to your favorite websites. Earn scrip credits by using their link
  6. Frequent local merchants that support the eScrip program.

Take a few moments when you are out and about and thank the merchants that support the scrip programs. We could not do this without yours and theirs support! Thank you very much!

alt="Credit Card"