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Business Services Staff:

Robert Whittenberg (530) 622-5081 ext. 7227
Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Jannell Clanton (530) 622-5081 ext. 7227
Administrative Assistant (Conf)

TBD (530) 622-5081 ext. 7209
Director, Fiscal Services 

Nancy Handziak (530) 622-5081 ext. 7223
Payroll Specialist

Raymond Sarlatte (530) 622-5081 ext. 7216
Payroll Specialist
Cindy Burkhardt (530) 622-5081 ext. 7203
Fiscal Technician (Non-Conf)

Kate Hewett (530) 622-5081 ext. 7232
Fiscal Technician (Non-Conf)

Shannon Chandler (530) 622-5081 ext. 7248
Accounting Specialist

Yolanda Loera (530) 622-5081 ext. 7249
Accounting Specialist

Lisa Baughn (530) 622-5081 ext. 7234
Secretary III

Megan Haman (530) 622-5081 ext. 7302 Business Services Assistant

Accounting/Facilities Accounting

The El Dorado Union High School District Accounting Department provides timely and accurate disbursement of payments to vendors and reimbursements to employees and is also responsible for assisting with employee travel pre-payments and reimbursements. They also create invoices for external and internal customers and provide oversight and reporting of student attendance.
The Facilities Accounting Department oversees bond administration and the budgeting and accounting of construction and modernization projects.