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Electronic Student Score Reports

How to obtain electronic student score reports

How to obtain electronic student score reports

Beginning 2018-2019 CDE will no longer be mailing home students score reports.  These score reports apply to the following tests:

  1. California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)
     * Smarter Balanced for English language arts / literacy (ELA) and mathematics
     * California Alternate Assessments for ELA and mathematics
     * California Science Test (CAST)
     * California Spanish Assessment (CSA)
  1. English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)
         * Summative ELPAC

    Your student's electronic student score reports can be obtained by:
         * Logging into Aeries Parent / Student Portal via
            * Browser-based access (Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer or Safari) by typing this in the URL bar:
            * Aeries mobile app (downloadable onto your mobile devices)

         * Parents who do not have any access mentioned above can contact their student's school.
You can access the Aeries Parent Portal by going to and type in your login name and click next.
Aeries Login
Type in your password and click n "Sign In."

Click on the "Test Scores" on the menu bar, and select "State Test Scores Reports."
Clicking on the button underneath "Scores available in:" for each test type will open up your student's test scores in a new tab / window.