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Student Services and Innovation Staff:

Chuck Palmer (530) 622-5081 ext. 7224
Senior Director, Student Services and Innovation

Shelley Wheeler (530) 622-5081 ext. 7224
Administrative Assistant (Non-Conf)


Regi Bryant (530) 622-5081 ext. 7229
Secretary III




Who do I contact in the District regarding my child?
All questions or communications regarding student-related concerns should first be directed to the appropriate department at the student's respective school before taking the concern to the school principal. 

District policy indicates that concerns be addressed at the school site level before bringing the concern to the District's Department of Student Services.
School department contacts regarding the following concerns include:

  • Class Schedule - Counseling
  • Curriculum - Counseling
  • Discipline - Assistant Principal
  • Sports - Athletic Director
  • Other - Assistant Principal
Independent Studies

Independent Studies

Who do I contact regarding an independent study program?
Contact the Counseling Department at your respective school:
  • El Dorado High: (530) 622-3634, ext. 1028
  • Oak Ridge High: (916) 933-6980, ext. 3050
  • Ponderosa High: (530) 677-2281, ext. 2225
  • Union Mine High: (530) 621-4003, ext. 4215
Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Is school open today?
Information regarding the opening and closing of school during severe weather conditions will be given to the following local TV stations:
  • KXTV Channel 10 (ABC)
  • KOVR-TV Channel 13 (CBS)
  • KCRA-TV Channel 3 (NBC)
  • KXTL-TV Channel 40 (FOX)
  • 1530 AM (KFBK)
  • 92.1 FM (KGBY)
  • 101.9 FM (KCCL)
  • 105.1 (KNCI)

TV stations will be asked to announce information as early as 6:00 a.m.
Otherwise, you may contact the Transportation Department at (530) 622-6306 or the District Office main number at (530) 622-5081, ext. 7247 or 7242



We are buying a home in the area.  Can you tell me which school my student will attend?
See School Boundaries below.
We have moved and my son/daughter prefers to stay at the same high school.  How do I arrange this?
When a student changes his/her residence and is still within El Dorado Union High School District boundaries, the parent may apply for an intradistrict transfer. 

If the new residence is outside of the El Dorado Union High School District, the parent must contact the District Office of the district of which the new residence exists to inquire about an interdistrict transfer.
School Boundaries

School Boundaries

How do I know which high school my son/daughter will attend in the next school year?
You may contact the El Dorado Union High School District Student Services office by phone at 530.622-5081, ext. 7229, or by e-mail.

High school students will be expected to attend the high school based on their home residence within the school's boundaries. It is District practice, however, to allow current students to remain at their current high school if a school's boundary change should otherwise affect their school of attendance. The District WILL NOT move current high school students if their school boundary changes.  It is also District practice to allow siblings to attend the same high school if both siblings are concurrently enrolled during the same school year and reside within the same household. 
Bus transportation, however, will only be provided to students who live within the school's boundary.  The District cannot provide transportation to multiple schools from one neighborhood.  However, the student will be allowed bus transportation if a parent chooses to drive the student daily to a nearby bus stop within the attendance boundary of the school of attendance.  A bus fee application must be completed and a bus pass purchased for the student.  The district cannot establish a new bus stop for an intradistrict transferring student.